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We offer a large selection of commercial doors that we can quickly pull from stock to meet the unique requirements of your building. Our team has many years of experience and can help you design the best doors for your particular needs. Using that information our custom door shop can tailor and modify the doors to your specifications.

Our Best Selling Commercial Doors

Hollow Metal Doors – Hollow metal doors are commonly found on the exterior of commercial buildings. Most of the doors we stock are made of rust-resistant galvannealed steel. Galvannealed doors are a durable, long lasting solution that can withstand the elements. Hollow metal doors are typically found throughout buildings in stairwells, elevator and janitor’s closets and areas exposed to moisture. Six panel colonial steel doors enhance the beauty and security of apartment and hotel doors. Custom prefinished hollow metal doors are available with hardware preinstalled. Ask about our lifetime metal door warranty.

Commercial Wood Doors – Wood doors provide a warm, natural look inside buildings. Wood doors are available in wide variety of wood species with numerous stain options. Factory prefinished doors have a wider, deeper consistent finish than is attainable in the field. Wood doors can be lead lined, acoustical, and bullet resistant depending on the needs of the customer.

Custom Need Commercial Doors

Fire Rated Doors – There are multiple benefits to installing fire rated doors in commercial buildings:

  • They help to limit damage, by retarding the spread of fire for their designated period of time
  • Building code requires the use of fire rated doors in certain applications
  • By slowing the spread of fire, fire rated doors provide the buildings’ occupants with safe means of egress

We are licensed to apply fire rating labels to doors and frames. There are multiple fire ratings, so know which on your project requires. Fire rated assemblies are typically equivalent to 3/4 of the fire rating of the wall in which they are to be installed (i.e. if the wall has a 2 hour rating the opening will typically require a 1 1/2 hour rating).

Hollow metal fire rated doors generally come in these four levels:

  • 20 minute, 3/4 hour (C label), 1 1/2 hour (B label), 3 hour (A label)

Wood fire rated doors generally come in these four levels:

  • 20 minute, 3/4 hour (C label), 1 hour (B label), 1 1/2 hour (B label)

The designated period of time represents how long the door will hold up against a fire. Our doors are tested and meet the requirements of UL 10B, UL 10C, UPC 7-2, or ASTM E-152 – testing methods that are commonly used when testing the durability of a fire rated door. Fire rated doors should be installed and maintained in accordance to NFPA 80.

The normal components of a fire door assembly include a door, a door frame, hinges, a lock or latch, and a closing device. The rating of the installed assembly should carry the rating of the door or the frame, whichever is less.

Glass is permissible in fire rated doors. C-Label doors allow for a maximum of 1,296 square inches of exposed glass, while B-Label doors allow for a maximum of 100 square inches of exposed glass. However, there are exceptions to this rule if fire rated glass is used.

Check your local building codes to find out if fire rated doors are required for your project. Then request a quote today to get an idea of how much the project will cost.

Fiberglass Doors – Fiberglass doors are a great option for openings that are exposed to harsh environments. Fiberglass doors hold up well to most chemicals and areas with extreme moisture. Pool areas, sewage plants, chemical and manufacturing plants typically rely on fiberglass doors in their demanding environments. Other advantages of fiberglass include resistance to splitting, rotting and warping. Prefinished fiberglass offers a maintenance free option.

Accordion Doors – Interior accordion doors are used to segment off large areas, usually meeting or conference rooms, into smaller areas for a more intimate setting. Accordion doors will allow a large room to be used for smaller occasions. There is a top track for the wall, but no bottom track. This allows accordion doors to accommodate curves in their design. These doors are great for sound prevention and coil up easily in a compact shape, limiting the space needed to store the door.

Specialized Doors

Custom Shop – Our on site custom shop is capable of pulling material from our large inventory and quickly customizing it to your specific needs. Whether it be an emergency or fast approaching deadline our skilled crew can quickly fulfill your custom requests. Custom work often includes frame welding, dead bolt and specialty lock prep, fire door labeling, sidelite or borrowed lite installation, door and frame undercutting, door and frame vertical cutting, installation of specialty glass or louvers, door and frame painting, and door hardware installation. In short we can quickly customize doors to meet your needs.

We also feature dozens of manufacturers to match your project’s design and budget, including Daybar, Republic, Timely, Next Door and Amweld.

Request a quote today for a free estimate on your commercial door needs.

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